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DD1&2: Gentrification & Sustainability

Seminar Powerpoint

Assessment Results


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Distressed Communities Index

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Mapping Inequality Project

The Color of Wealth in Los Angeles

Gentrification: The New Age of Colonialization

Gentrification in America Report

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Viva Gentrification!

Why is Gentrification a Problem?

Highland Park Case Study:

 Highland Park Gentrification Part 1 Video

Gentrification Changing Landscape of Highland Park

Highland Park Case Study

Other Specific Examples:

Newsweek Article: Boyle Heights

Gentrification of People's Market

Sustainability:Ways to get involved in LA Envrionment

Tree People  Sustainability, Open Space in Urban Environments
LA Shares Redistributing reusable goods and materials
human-I-T Fixing and distributing used technology
Friends of Gardena Willows Wetland Preserve Restoring the wetland (volunteer opportunities every 3rd Saturday each month)
L.A. Works Conservation, Revitalization, etc.
Sustainable Works Sustainability, Environmental Education, Events
USGBC-LA Sustainability, Adcocacy
Friends of the LA River River cleanup and conservation

LA  Clean Tech Incubator (LACI)
Transit for All Achieving Equity in Transit- Orientated Development

Los Angeles Sustainability Plan