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Current Scholars

2017-2018 Mellon Mays Fellows:




Hometown: Tampa, FL
House: Dabney
Major: Mathematics
Advisor: Martino Lupini
Research Project: Noncommutative Graph Theory
Intended PhD Field: Computer Science

The financial support Mellon Mays Fellowship has made it exceptionally easy for me to pursue independently proposed research during my time as an undergrad. The program has exposed me to support and mentorship of people who understand the challenges of being a URM in academia; as a result, I've become much more confident in my choice of career path and my ability to succeed.







Hometown: Torrance, CA
House: Ricketts
Major: Physics
Research Project: Nanofabrication of room-temperature MoS2 field-effect transistors
Intended PhD Field: Physics

This fellowship has provided plenty of social and academic support through much of my time at Caltech. In addition to the frequent provoking discussions with cohorts, the exposure to different educational perspectives provided by the annual conference continue to shape my intellectual development.




Hometown: Hyattsville, MD
House: Dabney
Major: Physics
Intended PhD Field: Physics/Astrophysics





Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
House: Ricketts
Major: Astorphysics
Research Project: Characterizing star formation and the interstellar medium in the Whirlpool Galaxy
Intended PhD Field: Astrophysics




Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
House: Lloyd
Major: Astrophysics
Research Project: Studying Inflation Using Galaxy Clustering on Ultra-Large Scales
Intended PhD Field: Theoretical Cosmology




Hometown: La Mirada, CA
House: Ruddock
Major: Astrophysics
Intended PhD Field: Astrophysics or Planetary Science




Hometown: Potomac, MD
House: Ricketts & Dabney
Major: Physics
Minor: Computer Science
Intended PhD Field: Physics







Hometown: Riverside, CA
House: Lloyd
Major: Geophysics
Minor: Environmental Science & Engineering
Advisor: Andrew Thompson
Research Project: Circulation and Fjord Dynamics off the coast of Greenland
Intended PhD Field: Physical Oceanography

The Mellon Mays Program has allowed me to have greater independence in choosing research by providing research funds for the summer and a stipend throughout the year. This freedom allowed me to explore research options until I found a project that truly interested me. The program has also let me connect with the Diversity center, and my peer Mellon Fellows, and has helped create a support network for me during my time in the program.



Hometown: Charlotte, NC
House: Page
Major: Physics
Advisor: Mark Scheel
Research Project: The Effect of Orbital Eccentricity in Binary Black Hole Simulations on Gravitational Waveforms
Intended PhD Field: Physics

The Mellon Mays program gave me chance to interact with scholars from diverse backgrounds at Caltech, and across the world. The friends I've made through the Mellon program have been a great source of support and wisdom during my time as an undergraduate at Caltech.



Hometown: Mayaguez, PR
House: Ricketts
Major: Physics
Minor: Computer Science
Research Project: Microwave Effects on a Quantum Dot Device
Intended PhD Field: Solid State Physics

MMUF allowed me to pursue a research opportunity that I would otherwise not be able to. The financial support given to me by the fellowship allowed me to focus on the research topic I wanted to pursue rather than the compensation that came with it.