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Women's Engagement Board

Women’s Engagement Board

The Women’s Engagement Board, comprised of students, post-docs and staff, endeavors to build women’s leadership across Caltech’s campus. Through a quarterly board meeting this group works towards the common goal of influencing cultural change and improving the campus climate at Caltech.

2016-2017 Innuagural Women's Engagement Board

Year 1

This was the inaugural year of The Women’s* Engagement Board (WEB). It was comprised of 15 women (1 postdoc, 6 grads, 2 undergrads, and 4 staff) This group is a collaboration to build a more inclusive environment for women at Caltech. Through identifying blind spots, offering support, and building life skills, we provide creative solutions for advocacy and programming so each person can succeed at Caltech and beyond.

the WEB was given professional development and produced events centered on teamwork, leadership, event planning, communication, goal setting and achievement, influencing the climate/culture of an organization, creative problem-solving, and results-driven investment in environments that foster diversity.

*We use an inclusive definition of "woman" and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women and non-binary people.


Professional development included:

Combatting Sexism in the work place and beyond

Building a Brand – Your own brand

Professionalism in Writing: The art of writing an Email

Reflections on your contributions to WEB and Campus


Events Included:

1/30 Valentine making for local assisted care living facility

3/2Pursuing Graduate school and grad/ug dinner

3/15 Ignite Women in Academia

3/24 The Role of Leadership in the Journey to Gender Equality" Panel at JPL

5/19 Alumni Weekend Women’s Lunch

6/2 Breaking Stereotypes: Mae Jemison teach in & Sci fi game night

6/13 Leading by Example: Creating Inclusive Classrooms

Thank you to the first board members: Abigail Crites, Alysha de Souza, Anvita Mishra, Catriona Blunt, Emily Wyatt, Erica Figueroa, Giuliana Viglione, Hye Joon Lee, Ivanna Escala, Jackie Gish, Jenn Weaver, Karla Hernandez, Linda Krippner, Nikita Sirohi, Priscilla Gubatan