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Center of Diversity

Hello and Welcome to the Caltech Center for Diveristy Homepage. We create and implement campus-wide initiatives and programs that will increase the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for all members of the Caltech community to thrive in a diverse world.


The Caltech Center for Diversity (CCD) mission is to provide education, advocacy, and allyship in order to increase institutional and personal capacity for diversity, ensuring a community committed to equity and inclusive excellence.

  • Awareness and Education: We are committed to building the capacity for cultural competencies, skills, and experiences by designing workshops and trainings appropriate for all constituents on campus. We value consistent assessment and formative feedback to facilitate sustainable and lasting change.
  • Advocacy through Collaboration: We actively engage with the Caltech community to promote and provide access to information and resources that help achieve our academic and personal goals. The CCD provides programs and services to meet the specific needs of racially underrepresented groups, women, all sexual and gender identities (LGBTQ+), underserved, and ally communities on campus.
  • Allyship: We create spaces and skill building opportunities for all members of the community to engage with issues related to their multiple identities. We provide resources and promote an environment that is supportive for all.